Radically simplify customer interactions

The telco market is becoming more competitive and sophisticated – Moflix offers what it takes to win customers, develop new revenue streams and differentiate from the competition and radically simplify customer interactions

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Moflix Digital Onboarding Mobile App

Life is mobile, so are we

Moflix serves an ever-growing number of digital natives with 100% digital processes, transparent offerings and maximal simplicity.

Deployment in 100 days

Moflix is built on a scalable serverless infrastructure leverging best-in-class, global SaaS providers to eliminate complexity to save time and money!

A new interaction paradigm

simple. fair. digital.

Mobile Self-Onboarding

Win more customers with seamless mobile onboarding.

Digital Subscription Payment

Mobile billing doesn't need to be complicated

In-app customer service

No need for extensive customer care and any inbound calls.

How it works

Mobile Self-Onboarding

Your customers won’t expect anything less than a high-quality mobile experience. They want the right offering, at the right time – and activated as quickly as possible. Why keep them waiting?

Win More Customers

Any channel distribution

Purchase a SIM starter pack from any retailer: online, at a shop, from a vending machine or order it through the Moflix app. Credit check and complicated commission calculations belong in the past.

Digital Self-Activation

Onboard and activate new customers with 100% self-service within minutes through a mobile app.

Be ready for eSIM

eSIM changes the game – today and future-forward: Download app and activate a subscription on the spot!

Digital Subscription Billing

Mobile billing doesn't need to be complicated.

Payment methods that make sense

The Moflix platform supports simple and fair subscription invoicing through automated, recurring payments using known and trusted digital payment providers. And, this is great for operators too!
No complicated billing engines

Rolling bill cycles enable daily billing and continuous, daily cash flow, with no exceptional peaks in service requests or billing inquiries.

No more money collecting

Customers pay 100% of the bills and 100% on time.

No more fraud

Start using banking grade identification checks and all payments secured by digital payment providers.

In-App Customer Service

Gone are the days of cost-intensive customer care. Activation, subscription management or personal data changes are easily updated through the Moflix app at the swipe of a finger.

100% call deflection!

With Moflix customer care is no longer a necessity as customers manage everything in their preferred way at their preferred time.

No call reminder

There are no invoices to dispute, because subscriptions are charged based on fixed package pricing using digital payment methods.

No Service Configuration Calls

Customers can manage their subscription settings and profile in the app – even for multiple subscriptions.

No calls at all - just tickets!

Customers reach out for support from the app by triggering a Whatsapp message using Zendesk as a pre-integrated service platform.

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