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One of the keys to customer satisfaction is a great customer support. With the Moflix Platform, users can receive in-app support at any time
In-app customer support, Customer support
Serve your customers at anytime, anywhere with Moflix.
In-app customer support, Customer support

Uninterrupted user experience

Support your customers without them having to leave the app.

Rich text messaging

Allow your customers to send images and attachments.

Support in seconds

Provide a seamless and instant support experience to your customers.

Push notifications

Offer support to your customers with push notifications.

Customer data

All customer’s information is also visible in Zendesk.

Customer self-help

The platform is designed to enable end-users to manage it themselves without the need for extra support.

Seamless support experience

Having a great customer support can make the difference when it comes to customer satisfaction. Users expect to receive seamless and instant support experience at anytime.

The Moflix Interaction is designed to  enable the end user to set-up and manage their accounts and subscription themselves via platform without the need for a formal customer support. However, there are cases which require additional support. For this purpose, the platform is pre-integrated with Zendesk to provide customer support with functionalities such as FAQ, issue handling via tickets, Customer record, Chatbots, etc. Provide a real-time, in-app customer support to your customers without them having to leave the app with Moflix.


The Zendesk smart knowledge base for better self-service and empowered agents is integrated into the support area of the mobile app.

Issue handling via tickets

Customer support via messaging using WhatsApp directly integrated into the mobile app. There is Zendesk integration so that customer’s WhatsApp messages can be replied from Zendesk by customer support personnel.

Transactions & refund

All customer transactions are visible in Zendesk:

• Payment of Monthly, Daily or Roaming Subscription

• Possibility to do partial and full refund on every single transaction

Customer record

All customer’s information is also visible in Zendesk.

• Customer Profile (Name, Email, Address, etc.)

• KYC relevant data (rejection reasons, accetance state, etc.)

• Subscriptions (MSISDN, Plan and current state)

Chatbot & others

Zendesk offers to activate certain additional features across the existing integration.

Customized Add-ons

Tailored Zendesk Add-ons like a widget to show number Port-In status

Forced update

Possibility to require users to update their applications. Makes maintenance simpler as one does not need to worry about old application versions


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