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Moflix offers a fully digital customer self-onboarding. Contact us and discover more about its benefits for your business.

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Digital customer onboarding, Customer onboarding

Easy customer self-onboarding

Customer self-onboarding

Moflix offers a fully digital onboarding solution, coupled with a world-class mobile application for customer onboarding, strong identification, and subscription management, together with a support channel based on existing instant messaging platforms.

As a cloud-based solution, it offers a truly paperless, streamlined solution that offers our customers cost savings in both IT and HR costs.

The entire customer onboarding process is secured with AI-driven identification/background checks and secured payments by digital payment providers. With the Moflix Interaction platform, users can easily complete the self-onboarding. It takes just a few minutes to activate a new subscription. Users simply create an account, choose their subscription and payment plan, and that’s it!

Customer onboarding has never been easier.

Create Account/Sign-In

Built using AWS Cognito, the Moflix Interaction Platform currently


• Sign-up/Sign-in using E-mail

• Sign-up/Sign-in via Facebook

• Sign-up/Sign-in via Google

In addition, Moflix supports Sign in with Apple in iOS devices

Verify Identity (KYC)

the Moflix Interaction Platform currently supports:

• Identity and document verification (KYC) via Onfido

Note: Moflix can integrate to other KYC/eID systems that have clearly

defined API.

Payment Management

the Moflix Interaction Platform currently supports:

• Online credit card payments via Datatrans

• Twint payments (Switzerland only) via Datatrans

Note: Moflix can integrate to other payment management service

providers that have clearly defined API

Register SIM

the Moflix Interaction Platform supports:

• SIM registration by scanning QR code

• SIM registration by manual entry of ICCID

• eSIM

Package Selection

Select packages as defined in Product Catalog, by default:

• Monthly subscription

• Daily subscription

• International (roaming) daily subscription

• Other subscription types as defined by customer.

(Note: consumption-based subscriptions requires integration with an external charging platform)

Additionally there is support for free trial like “First month for free”.

MSISDN Selection

the Moflix Interaction Platform supports:

• Assignment of MSISDN number from Operator MSISDN Inventory

• Selection of MSISDN from range provided by Operator MSISDN


• Number Portability (requires integration to local Number Portability


Service Provisioning

The Moflix Interaction Platform supports integration to Operator’s

Provisioning Platform


Contact us and discover all the benefits the Moflix Interaction Platform has for your business.

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Yallo swype

Yallo swype was successfully launched in December 2019. It became the first app-based mobile subscription platform in Switzerland offering a 100% digital customer experience.
The Platform is based on Moflix’s Interaction platform for digital services.

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