Digital subscription billing

Mobile billing doesn't need to be complicated.

Moflix offers a billing solution for telecoms that combines the simplicity of a mobile platform with subscription invoicing through automated payments, recurring payments using known and trusted digital payment providers. Customers pay 100% of the bills, 100% on time.

All payments are secured by trusted digital payment providers and banking grade identification checks.

Automated payments
Secured payments


Use to configure business rules for the Subscription Billing component, including:

• Products – the services the customer will buy

• Plans – the terms and conditions for purchase, including prices

• Phase – timing for changes to the Plans

• Price List – the collection of Plans

• Billing Period – the time periods that define when a customer is billed (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc.)

• Rules – behaviour that the Subscription Billing component displays when a plan is created cancelled or changed.


The Subscription Billing function will trigger an invoice whenever there is a change in the system that requires a new charge.

Note: An invoice is the internal activation of a service within the Subscription Billing function without triggering a charge to the external payment provider.


Functionality includes:

• Change in subscription (creation, upgrade/downgrade, cancellation, etc.)

• Recurring charge due date (daily, weekly, monthly recurring subscriptions)

• Operator manually triggers a charge

• The following types of invoices items are supported:

• Recurring charges

• Fixed (one-time) charges

• Fixed (one-time) external charges – triggered manually

• Usage charges

• Tax

• Invoice item adjustment – triggered manually

• Invoice level adjustment – credit

• Repair – automatic adjustment when subscription is changed

• Credit balance adjustment – automatic

• Refunds via customer support


The Subscription Billing function will trigger a payment whenever prompted based on invoicing rules and triggers.

Note: A payment is the triggering of a charge to the external payment provider.

Functionality includes:

• payments and refunds for recurring billing

• direct payment for one-off charges


Subscription Billing functionality is provided using the Kill Bill open-source Subscription Billing Platform, which runs using AWS cloud services.