A unique platform for digital services

Operators are still focused on interacting with their customers through brick and mortar stores or via portals designed for desktop use. Digital natives, however, would prefer to interact through their mobile devices.

Easy Onboarding

It takes minutes to onboard and activate a new subscription. Customers simply download the app, create an account, choose their subscription and payment plan and get started.

24/7 Service

Customers want the right offering at the right time and as quickly and hassle-free as possible. Moflix offers just that: easy subscription management with the Moflix app – anytime, anywhere!

Automated Payments

Moflix supports simple and fair subscription invoicing using trusted digital payment providers. No more cumbersome dunning processes, customers pay 100% of the bills 100% on time.

In-app Customer Care

Customer management can be costly and time consuming. Not with Moflix, where customers add, cancel or manage their own subscriptions, edit their user profiles and benefit from automated payments.

Fraud Protection

The Moflix app provides fully digital onboarding secured with AI-driven identification/background checks and secured payments by digital payment providers.

Any Channel Distribution

Our SIM starter pack can be purchased from any retailer: online, at a shop, from a vending maching or even through the Moflix app. No credit check or complicated commission calculations required.

A Unique Platform for Digital Services, What we do

Customer Reference Case

yallo swype

Telecommunications Operator yallo launched an 100% app-based mobile subscription in 100 days using Moflix’s white-label platform for digital services to cater to the emerging “hop-on/hop-off” generation – digital natives who prefer to access services digitally via mobile apps (e.g. Netflix, Uber, Spotify, etc.). The yallo swype mobile app-based subscription is designed to empower customers to manage the entire onboarding and subscription management processes themselves.

Moflix helped yallo to accomplish their targets of increasing operational efficiency, lowering business risks and creating a solution that was simple, digital and usable, while providing a basis to grow yallo’s business through new revenue streams.

The platform provided by Moflix was built on existing cloud services from AWS or integrated to services provided by other external providers. This allows yallo to quickly scale and adapt to changing market needs while maintaining compliance to security and privacy regulations

About yallo

yallo is part of Sunrise Communications AG, one of the leading mobile providers in Switzerland. yallo offers services tailored to the needs of cost-conscious telecommunications users. yallo aims to challenge accustomed practices in the legacy telecommunications market currently characterized by cumbersome customer-facing and back office-handled processes that are not thoroughly digitalized.

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Road to success

Prepare. Validate. Deploy. – It's as simple as that. With a fixed scope, fixed pricing, simple processes and our extensive experience we guarantee a 100-day-deployment plan. Launch fast, learn and adapt as you go along.

Reuse, don’t rebuild

Leverage existing cloud solutions for key functionalities – adjust your features to existing working implementation scope, not the other way around. This is valid for billing, customer support, and existing, needed integrations.

Maximal simplicity

Our products are not designed to cover the broadest possible target audience. Simplicity is key! We believe that a simple product can find its market segments single-handedly.

Feasibility Workshops

As part of our fast deployment paradigm, Moflix conducts a series of workshops to validate and document the concept, market & segment, business case, architecture and operational structure of your new mobile platform.

Look, feel & validate

As part of our fast deployment paradigm we will deploy a standalone, branded proof-of-concept version of our solution which allows you and your stakeholders to validate the overall operational impact of the platform.

Launch. Learn. Adapt.

If you are going to disrupt the market, it is essential to get your concept to your customers at an early stage. It is better to launch, learn and optimize as you go along than to be held up in an expensive and frustrating business transformation.

100% digital

Our processes are fully automated and 100% digital. Cumbersome manual workflows have been removed – unless they can be done by the customer using self-service.

Technology Partners

A unique platform for digital services
Our focus lies on what we do best. For everything else we rely on our qualified partners.
A Unique Platform for Digital Services, What we do
A Unique Platform for Digital Services, What we do
A Unique Platform for Digital Services, What we do
A Unique Platform for Digital Services, What we do

There are additional processes, services and regulations that need to be managed as you interact with your customers – but they are out of our expertise. Therefore we joined forces with a number of carefully selected pre-integrated partners and specialized service providers to help you handle those essential functions, including identification & authentication services, payment services, customer support, etc. That way you will always benefit from the latest and best technologies without sacrificing flexibility, time or cost.

A Unique Platform for Digital Services, What we do
A Unique Platform for Digital Services, What we do
A Unique Platform for Digital Services, What we do