Life is mobile, so are we.

Digitalization has become part of our everyday life and yet operators remain focused on customer interaction through brick-and-mortar stores or portals designed for desktop use. It's a habit they need to break to stay in business.

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52% of all internet traffic was generated through mobile phones in 2018. This number is increasing at ever-growing rates.

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25% of users access the internet using mobile devices only. Meanwhile, the share of desktop web browsing traffic continues to shrink.

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87% of the time digital natives use mobile apps. No web portal. No desktop app. No in-store PoS.

Moflix offers what customers want

There is an ever-growing demand for digital services that can be managed anytime, anywhere, by a simple finger tap. Moflix meets all those needs today and in the future. Life is mobile, so are we.

100% digital

Our processes are fully automated and 100% digital. Cumbersome manual workflows have been removed – unless they can be done by the customer using self-service.

Cost transparency

Subscription, starter kit, roaming or data push – all financial interactions are calculated into fixed packages. Customers pay for what they get, always knowing the cost in advance.

Maximal simplicity

Our products are not designed to cover the broadest possible target audience. Simplicity is key! We believe that a simple product can find its market segments single-handedly.

Moflix offers what Operators want too!

Imagine customers paying 100% of their bills and 100% in time. Imagine giving them all they need, when they need it at the swipe of a finger. Imagine billing processes free from cost-intensive CDR crunching. Moflix offers you all that – and more! Life is mobile, so are we.

No commissioning or push backs

The price of the starter pack comprises the customers' activation fee and the distributors' commission. When was the last time he had a profitability of 100% in a category segment? Hardware push is handled by hardware manufacturers.

No setup or training to sell

Distribution is enabled for all online and offline channels, including channels with short transaction times. The sale of a SIM takes less than 30 seconds. Commission is equal to the sale of a prepaid SIM (Start Pack revenue).

No credit check or fraud issues

Our activation process is unprecedented in the Telco industry. Simple, with a fully digital onboarding triggered from the mobile app secured with AI-driven similarity and background checks, all payments secured by digital payment providers.

Lean design with growth-potential

Partnering with best-of-breed service providers using the latest digital technologies ensures high efficiency in design, maintenance and future enhancements. Moflix is ready for e-SIM. Is anyone else?

No billing engine or collection

Customers pay 100% of the bills and 100% on time. Guaranteed cash flow and cash timing through credit card based charging. Rolling bill cycles enable daily billing and continuous, daily cash flow. No exceptional peaks in service requests or bill inquiries.

Simple, fair & digital

From activation to billing, all interactions are managed via Moflix app. Hassle-free and transparent subscription management – even for multiple subscriptions. Simple and cost-efficient for all parties.

Do you want to be a pioneer

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